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With Exchange Server 2019 Standard, the Redmond-based software company is replacing its predecessor Exchange Server 2016 and building on its strengths. Businesses that purchase Exchange Server 2019 Standard thus receive groupware and email transport server software that simplifies internal company collaboration on all levels.

With the latest version of Exchange Server, small workgroups, as well as large departments, will enjoy the high-performance, central storage and management of task lists, appointments, contacts and emails, notices, and numerous other elements. The standard version of the software, designed as an internal and external interface, is specially tailored to meet the requirements of small and medium-sized businesses.

New Exchange Server supports higher performance systems:

One of the new central features that users who purchase Exchange Server 2019 Standard will experience is the support of higher-performance server systems. Here, Microsoft has increased its system-based support of maximum usable memory from 192 GB to 256 GB compared to the 2016 version. The number of supported processes has doubled from 24 CPU cores to 48 CPU cores. In combination with the support of SSD storage as a cache, this, in turn, means a huge performance boost and a better user experience.

New calendaring model for added comfort:

The redesigned calendar system is another new feature. This is based on the calendar sharing model tested in Office 365. Thanks to the "do not forward” feature and PowerShell cmdlets, administrators now have a wider range of options such as the "Remove-Calendar Events” and "Add-MailboxFolderPermission” functions for allocation designation rights.

Implemented Bing search and redesigned voicemail features:

In contrast to the introduction of numerous new features, some features have been omitted from Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard. These include FAST search which has now been replaced by the Bing search engine. Search indices and search results are now a fixed part of mailbox databases in the 2019 version. Microsoft has also ceased support for Unified Messaging. The software’s voicemail functions now work via cloud voicemail. This in turn requires Microsoft 365 or Skype for Business 2019 to work.

The benefits of Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard at a glance:

– Significantly increased productivity through the support of higher performance systems and use of the Bing search engine.
– Support of up to 48 processors and a maximum of 256 GB memory.
– Improved collaboration between employees, project teams, and entire departments on mutual documents.
– High level of security with extensive monitoring functions and prevention of data loss.
– Simplified calendar sharing with the "Do Not Forward” feature and use of the Office 365 calendar system.

Unlimited use Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard:

Users that purchase Exchange Server 2019 Standard can benefit from unlimited use of the high-performance software package. By acquiring Client Access Licenses (CALs) which are separated into device and user licenses, businesses can keep things firmly under control as required. The cost-effective connection of home office solutions and mobile devices is also possible.

Coexistence of different Exchange Server versions:

Anyone looking to purchase Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Standard should know that the Redmond-based software company has applied the well-known "N – 2” principle. This means that Exchange Server 2019 cannot directly replace Exchange Server 2010. Businesses that still use the 2010 version must first undertake an interim migration to Exchange Server 2016 or Exchange Server 2013. However, Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 is not a practical option as an interim solution since mainstream support from Microsoft ceased in June 2018.



Supported operating system:

Windows Server 2019

Intel CPU with x64 architecture.

The Intel 64 architecture must support "Intel EM64T”. Alternatively, an AMD-CPU is required which supports the "AMD64” platform.
Working memory minimum:

4 GB RAM (for access via the Client), minimum 8 GB RAM (mailbox)

Hard drive minimum:

30 GB hard drive on the Exchange installation disc drive

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